Call for Papers

Call for Papers: The Faces of Depression in Literature (Seminar, 7-10 March)

ACLA Conference 2019: Annual Meeting Georgetown University Organizer: Prof. Dr. Josefa Ros Velasco (Department of Romance Languages and Literature, Harvard University) The NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) defines depression as a common but serious mood disorder that causes severe symptoms (asthenia, anhedonia, abulia, among many others) that affect how Read more…

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Post-Doctoral Fellowships (2) on Globalhealth, depression and schizophrenia (CfA, Villejuif/Paris, France, Jan 2016-June 2017)

The Cermes3 (Villejuif/Paris, France) announces two 18-month Post-Doctoral Fellowships (Jan 2016-June 2017), to be based at CERMES3 (UMR CNRS, Inserm, EHESS, UPD), Villejuif/Paris, France. The post-docs are funded through theEuropean Research Council project GLOBHEALTH “From international to global: Knowledge and diseases and the post-war government of health”. Both postdocs fall Read more…

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Conferences and Symposiums

Exhaustion (One day workshop, University of Kent, Friday 25 October 2013)

Exhaustion Friday, 25 October, Cathedral Lodge, Canterbury Funded by the Wellcome Trust Organised by Anna Katharina Schaffner This interdisciplinary conference explores different medical, psychological and socio-political narratives on the origins of and cures for exhaustion. Experts from diverse disciplines (including psychiatrists, psychologists, social scientists, occupational health specialists, literary scholars and Read more…

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Seminars and Lectures

Towards a Cultural History of Exhaustion: Anna Katharina Schaffner (Public Lecture, Durham, 25 April 2013)

The School of Modern Languages and Cultures Literature, History, Theory Research Group presents Towards a Cultural History of Exhaustion Dr Anna Katharina Schaffner (Comparative Literature, University of Kent) Thursday 25 April, 5.00-7.00 pm A56 Elvet Riverside, Durham University This paper explores how ‘exhaustion’ – understood both as a subjective physico-psychological Read more…

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Think Piece

New Podcast – Yoga and Mental Health

Image: Sarah Brumgart In recent years I have become surrounded by yoga fanatics. Many things impress me about their relationship with yoga but, above all, it’s their dedication to telling me (and anybody else that will appear interested) just how great yoga is for them. Their proselytising eventually put me in Read more…

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Exhibitions, Performances and Screenings

The Practical Art of Medicine: dissection, diagnosis and disease in the Early Modern Period (Exhibition and Events, Durham University, 2013)

The Practical Art of Medicine: dissection, diagnosis and disease in the Early Modern Period is a ‘Spotlight’ exhibition in the Wolfson Gallery, Palace Green Library, Durham. It looks at the period between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries and its many advances in the study of anatomy, chemistry and physiology. Inspired Read more…

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Centre for Medical Humanities