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Exhaustion (One day workshop, University of Kent, Friday 25 October 2013)

Exhaustion Friday, 25 October, Cathedral Lodge, Canterbury Funded by the Wellcome Trust Organised by Anna Katharina Schaffner This interdisciplinary conference explores different medical, psychological and socio-political narratives on the origins of and cures for exhaustion. Experts from diverse disciplines (including psychiatrists, psychologists, social scientists, occupational health specialists, literary scholars and Read more…

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Towards a Cultural History of Exhaustion

Anna Katharina Schaffner writes: In the age of burn-out, in which even the pope – traditionally a beacon of unwavering faith and indefatigable service until death – has cited both physical and spiritual exhaustion as one of his official reasons for resigning, it is illuminating to investigate more closely the Read more…

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Centre for Medical Humanities