Fifteen years ago, Dr Eliza Lo Chin compiled and published over 150 stories, poems, essays, and quotations from women physicians in This Side of Doctoring: Reflections from Women in Medicine. This first-of-its-kind anthology was, much like an American quilt, a unique and richly textured patchwork of each woman’s extraordinary life and career.

Since this book was published, the number of women graduating from medical school has increased slightly to nearly 50%. However, women constitute only one third of practising physicians and, as such, their experiences in medicine are unique. Eliza Lo Chin and Anju Goel are now publishing a second volume to share these experiences, see how the original authors have progressed in their careers, and introduce the stories of new physicians.

We invite submissions of nonfiction prose (preferably 1500 or fewer words) or poems and black & white drawings from women medical students and physicians of any specialty, in any practice setting, and from anywhere in the world. We also invite men and women to submit pieces about their experiences being a family member of a woman physician.

Submissions may address one of the following themes:

  • Medical training
  • Family & medicine
  • Nontraditional career paths (e.g. nonclinical practice, global health, private industry, media, nonmedical work)
  • Physician as patient or family member of patient
  • Leadership & breaking barriers
  • The experience of being in a minority group (e.g. older student, ethnic or religious minority, LGBTQ, person with disability, international medical graduate)
  • Patient interactions that changed the author
  • Wellness & resilience
  • How expectations and perspective of medicine have changed over time
  • Spirituality & death
  • The experience of being a family member of a woman physician
  • Other topics related to being a woman in medicine

Guidelines for Submission:

  • Please submit text in MS Word and drawings in PNG or JPEG
  • Authors may submit multiple pieces; a maximum of 3 pieces per author may be published
  • Stories about patients should not include any identifying characteristics
  • Although the book will include a glossary, please minimize the use of medical terms
  • While previously published pieces will be accepted, unpublished pieces will be given preference

Please email submissions, or address any questions, to Anju Goel. The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2017.


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