Reviewer needed: ‘The Sick Rose: Disease and the Art of Medical Illustration’ by Richard Barnett

The Centre is ecstatic to offer ‘The Sick Rose: Disease and the Art of Medical Illustration‘ by Richard Barnett (Thames & Hudson, 2014) for review. We are specifically looking for an artist to undertake the challenge of reviewing this fascinating and curious collection of medical illustrations, which will be pressed alongside a review by a clinician. 

Sick Rose Jkt‘A beautifully gruesome and strangely enthralling visual tour through disease in an age before colour photography. 

Exquisitely detailed illustrations from some of the world’s rarest medical books form an unforgettable and profoundly human reminder of mankind’s age-old struggle with disease.

This evocative overview, incorporating historic maps, charts, medical instruments and case notes, reveals the fears and preoccupations of an era at the mercy of epidemics, infection and bodily decay.’ 

If you would like to write a review on ‘The Sick Rose‘ (approximately 1,000-1,500 words in length),  then please email our reviews editor with a short explanation of why you are well placed to review the book.

2 thoughts on “Reviewer needed: ‘The Sick Rose: Disease and the Art of Medical Illustration’ by Richard Barnett

  1. I am a graduate student from India engaged in Research projects on Graphic pathographies.Kindly consider me for reviewing books on illness narratives

  2. I would be interested in reviewing The Sick Rose. I’m a visual artist working with making visible the normally invisible trajectory of the spent breath. As a member of the Life of Breath Project team I am interested in the multidisciplinary dialogue about the communicational potency of the visual image. I do believe there is a difference between art and medical illustration but would be happy to expand on this in the review of the book.

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