Medical Humanities

CMH logoThe Medical Humanities is an emerging field of enquiry in which humanities and social sciences perspectives are brought to bear upon an exploration of the human side of medicine.  These perspectives have a key role to play in analysing our expectations of medicine, and the relationship between medicine and our broader ideas of health, well-being and flourishing.

Durham University’s Centre for Medical Humanities is devoted to a research programme exploring this relationship. The research programme has four key themes of enquiry which, together, seek to advance our understanding of medicine’s role in sustainable conceptions of human flourishing.

This blog has become, over the years, a dynamic space for conversation about the field of the medical humanities. We also use it to post introductions to our research, calls for papers, short reviews on publications and conferences, updates on events and exhibitions of interest, and opinion pieces about all matters related to the medical humanities.

If you would like to contribute, please email us. Further details about the Centre for Medical Humanities can be found on our web site.