ESRC/NIHR research funding call for social science research on alleviating problems caused by dementia

Grants worth a total of £13 million are to be offered to social scientists looking at methods of alleviating problems caused by the rising number of elderly people with dementia.

The funding demonstrates the potential contribution that the social sciences can make towards tackling what Prime Minister David Cameron called the “national crisis” posed by the condition. In March he promised to double the national dementia research spending to £66 million per annum by 2015.

The Economic and Social Research Council and the National Institute for Health Research will be responsible for this particular tranche of the promised funding. They will support studies in areas such as preventing dementia through improved public awareness and earlier presentation.

Other projects will examine the role of social interventions in slowing cognitive decline, and the delivery of interventions in hospitals, care homes and by carers, including looking at the interface between professionals, lay people and patients.

The ESRC and NIHR are holding a meeting for potential applicants in central London in June.

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